We craft
custom software
We can take you from idea to creation. We develop both
Android and IOS mobile apps and specialise in Bluetooth
and Computer Visions apps.
We Craft Custom Software
We can take you from idea to creation. We develop both Android and IOS mobile apps and specialise in Bluetooth and Computer Visions apps.
About Oxford Software Innovation.
Oxford Software Innovation was set up in 2016 and is run by Dr James Cannan and Will Goodhew who have over 25 years of software development experience. Our developers are world class, and have worked with NASA, universities, health tech companies, and startups.
Mobile Apps
We develop both iPhone and Android mobile apps.
Computer Vision
Develop image recognition software for object detection, facial and text recognition.
Bluetooth & IoT
We'll connect an app to your Bluetooth or IoT device.
We can design a custom portal or website.
We can manage SEO and PPC campaigns for your website.
We have worked with renewable energy companies and companies reducing society's reliance on cars.
We've worked with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices and connected mobile apps to read and write data off the devices.

One of our customers, Pure Electric, are the UK's leading electric scooter and electric bike retailer. It was an exciting challenge writing the iPhone and Android app which connects to the bluetooth controller on the scooters and one that required us to work closely with the team at Pure.

It's great to see and analyse data of 1000s of users regularly on the app.

Our team have experience working with wearable bluetooth devices as well as smart sensors.
Computer Vision
Computer Vision is one of the most exciting new areas of technology. We built Athalens, a sports photography platform, that uses facial recognition to help competitors easily find their photos by taking a selfie, rather than trawling through tens of thousands of images.

We have also worked with a construction company to create a custom tensorflow image detection systems that can count and itemise different pieces of equipment.

We see big opportunities in the agricultural sector for this sort of technology.
Website SEO and PPC
We have worked with a number of companies to build their websites. We use WordPress for the main design and React JS web apps for anything that requires more customisation and usability.

We can manage a PPC campaign on your behalf. Our clients are lead generators for financial institutions.
Our clients
We've worked with PLC's, start ups and scale ups. If you are interested in working with us to build your next project, please get in touch.
We're hiring
We are looking for React JS and React Native developers to join our team in Cirencester.
Our Office
We recently moved our offices to the rural setting of Cirencester. We are based at an incubator and innovation space. From our base in Cirencester, we serve a global client base from Brisbane, California, London and Bristol to name a few.
Oxford Software Innovation
The Alliston Centre,
Stroud Road,
Gl7 6JR.

Tel: +44 20 3776 0200
Email: info@oxfordsoftwareinnovation.com